“The Political Lounge” – Short Film

This Political Dream is Making Fools & Idiots out of The Money Green!

A Short Film Written, Produced & Directed

By: Linda L. Williams.

New Project “Underneath the Lies, Lays the Truth” Documentary coming 2018 web series.

Written and Directed by: Linda Williams

“The Political Lounge” – Trailer

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“The Political Lounge” – Actors

Actor - Lisa Pruitt

Actor – Lisa Pruitt

The Political Lounge is a short film about a struggling renaissance satirist poet who every Wednesday night performs before an aristocratic group of politicians, interns and staffers.

Actor - Destiny Robbins

Actor – Destiny Robbins

Ruby a staffer is working in concert with a certain Congresswomen who struggled to get excepted in Congress because of her ethnicity and being a minority women.The congresswomen supports the young poet staffer but no one knows the congresswomen is her mentor and number one supporter.

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