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Recent Poem!

Tomorrow will come

Tomorrow will come, whether you are here or not

The sun, the moon the rising of the morning light

even sundown, tomorrow will come. Happy or sad,

thankful or not tomorrow will come. Loving

yourself or someone else, it does not matter

tomorrow will come. Having compassion, humility,

rich or poor, remember to stay alive inside and

out, tomorrow will come?

 First Poem

  • I see the rain in the sky's and in my eyes,
  •  yet I feel the sun, 
  • and the heat, what about the moon then
  •  I wake up from the dream. God what happened 
  • to the trees, the beam, and the gleam, “Oh yeah"
  •  you came like a thief in the night. Just like you
  •  said are we all dead then I hear God say not yet,
  •  you still have time to repent, was it only a
  •  "Dream" so it seems. Wake Up.

Second Poem

  • Hot "oh so hot" where oh where is the cold, 
  • cold rain darn it must be God again.Summer,
  •  winter, or fall he said you ain't go no the season. 
  • Darn so, so hot in many spots. Fires are burning,
  •  earthquakes, and floods throughout. What in 
  • the East Coast, up North even in other Countries?
  • " Oh" darn, darn God stop! It is hot,"oh so hot “
  • cold, cold, the rain,The rain, drizzling. Then
  •  God said continue to do your thing it's
  •  just me saying, "Hello".
Third Poem
Loving him, so so good
 Loving him so so good it makes me 
wants to shout and pray so, so loud.
Then say I appreciate yes I appreciate. 
Loving him from the depths of my soul. 
The cry's and the laughter even the moans 
the groins, because of loving him. The 
sweats the dreaming, Always wanting to
 be next to him, in my mind. Even when
 we can't make time all I want to do is see 
myself  loving him, then I turn my eyes up 
to the blue skies and ask God why? Oh why
 Am I alone? Then I hear God say! I love you
 until you are ready to love him then I open 
my eyes and say thank you God I see you are
 not through preparing me. When will I know 
simply soon! You love him.

Fourth Poem

Factor it all up

Factor it all up the melodies the songs and

 the lyrics,sitting by the riverside, looking at

 the blue waters, hearing nature all of it. From

the birds chirping to seeing the lions looking

for its next prey. The species perching and perching

while I use my pencil and pen to write my next

 fix just factoring it all up. Listening to the wind

blow and blow the green scenery then I see that

lovely Specimen coming towards me with a basket

 and a bottle of guest what. He gets close and all I

 can say is, factor it all up my love.

Fifth Poem

Fifth Poem

  This "Political Dream"
 Is making fools and idiots out of the money green 
 Taking bribes, and back door policies, damn all this
 Is-are the political dreams of fools and idiots.
 Laughing and casting themselves as politicians
 Who will change and yet people are starving,
 Dying and losing their mind. Many smiled and
 Celebrated not knowing they were becoming
 Homeless and jobless know we see and see the
 Racist views from talk radio to the blogging and 
 Separating the right hand from the left hand on
 The cable news the political dream is making
 Fools and idiots out of the money green. I thought
 God said to take care of the lease among you, rich
 Or poor this class warfare is doomed. Because of
 Lobbyist and the recycling and trickle downing of
 The money green those political dreamers making 
 Fools and idiots out of a vote for the people by the
 People really. Thank you seeing the hate and showing
 No love because you pulled the wool over the people
 Eyes "Oh yeah" because of them lies, then I yell out
 Loud people think for you. Listen to your heart, 
 Educate your thoughts don't you see the political 
 Dream is making fools and idiots out of your vote,
 "Oops" the money green.

Poem Six

Holidays are like having a baby again and again.

 Doesn’t it seem? People get happy some even cry,

 Get sad, glad and yes mad.

 Why? Not knowing what is ahead but looking

 Forward to all the glorious stories, the joy and

 The love it brings. Seems like the holiday’s is like

 Having a baby over and over again, spending

Money just to make sure him or her want be

 Without families getting together to see all that

 It will bring. Then when you think and look back,

You ask yourself the question? Then look up to God

 And say was it worth it. The holiday’s are like having

 A baby again and again please, please don’t scream,

 Just hug, love, pray and realize Jesus paved the way,

 Good day and good night it’s just the holiday’s that’s

 What they say.

 Poem Number Seven

I cry a lot because of those lies,
people showing no Love, no hugs, 
all these judges judging people instead 
Of themselves I cry a lot because family is 
all messed Up, broken up mama and daddy 
are gone even though they paved the way 
I cry a lot. I cry a lot so many people
Are jobless, homeless, motherless and 
fatherless I cry A lot even when things 
are good, even though I'm saved and know
God will make things okay I cry a lot. All this
Evil and fakes in the land just to have all that
You can I cry a lot. If only people would look
Into a child eyes, no matter what color or
Culture they would see opportunity. Instead
They take advantage of the young then we
Wonder why they go wrong, I cry a lot. 
Summer, winter or fall, black, white, brown
Even yellow look into your heart ring 
Your bells listen to others, stop and
Sing a good song, and then make a wrong!
Right! Maybe then, I want cry a lot. 
Just love and love to the very end "oh yeah"
I cry a lot.

Poem Number Eight
You don't know when you can be happy one day
And enjoying your life then it all can end. You
Don’t know when.Telling all of those lies,
Man or women "faking" the funk, I love you 
For real just to get your way you. 

Don't know when! Stop and look in your own 
Personal mirror, what do you see and
Then ask yourself your question? Was
I living or existing!

Do right, you don't know when, Young boy or
Young girl? Thinking you can get by
Without using your mind,stop  
And open your books? Pull that pencil
and paper out of your "ASS" you don’t know-when.

Watching all the garbage on cable 
Television, read a book, please put away
The remote control to the video games,
Spell you name and write a good essay.

Parents stop being fools blaming it on
Schools!(darn these Kids are a different
Generation) "What" Weren’t you once a kid,
Student and maybe still an old fool?
You don’t know when,(father's)
"Men grow Up" stand up,stand your ground.
Women (mother's)
Stop telling people you can do it alone,damn 
You are so wrong. Read the good book
Again (the bible) know your role and stay
In your lane. 

Now don't get me wrong, "We
Are every Woman" and like James Brown
Said, "this is a man's world but we are 
Nothing without women out there." You don’t 
Know when! 

God see's all these secular 
Materialistic things taking over America,
Tell me again is not this supposed to be a
Christian Country. Lies, and lies, use your 
Independent minds, you don't know when.

Okay, okay, all human kind and ethnic backgrounds 
Love conquers all, help each other or
Talk real loud  with love to each other.
 Aren't we "Our" brother’s keeper. It is okay to turn
The other cheek, heck no, give me my money
So I can be like the Jones's-aren't we supposed
To be in a recession/depression, you don't
Know when.

Pause,what, when, how and why? Just what I thought.
Ask yourself this question? 
Then hope God will let  y ou  in,  if  you  are  a  real  believer, 
 then  ask  yourself   the  question   was  I  "Living  or Existing."
You don’t know when it's coming to the end.

Poem For Oprah Winfrey

 Simply Oprah

Shy child, good, bad, sad, intellectually

 proud and gifted only God new her inner

spirit was the key, “Simply Oprah” started

 out as a little girl in Mississippi, yes, Mississippi,

the rural racist south, not allowed to be  proud,

heard, or loved because of her color she was

not supposed to be saved, but God new otherwise.

 Simply Oprah was planned and purposely brought

to this earth to give hugs, love, a fighting chance

 to all people no matter what color or creed,

she delivered. Simply Oprah shared so much

throughout these 25 beautiful years, she did

it right this is why God has allowed all of

 America to be proud of this lady. No matter

her culture or color, “wow” who would have

dreamed it. God said yes Oprah you will be

the seed to show all of the world how to not

 judge, give others a chance, ask tough questions,

 but understand we all in life have a fighting

 chance and a purpose. Simply Oprah, thank you,

 thank you for your strength, your realness

 and for being whole yes you are not done.

 God has another path for you to start this

 mission is just beginning, I know you will

 always continue to grow and grow. Your

wisdom and big heart will allow you to be

 at peace in the end Simply Oprah did it

right with God’s love, to  God be the glory.

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