New Book – “I Wish I Could”

An inspirational story for girls ages 7 years and up. Especially black girls and women around the World.

My skin is black, my arms are long, my hair is woolly, and my back is strong. Quoted by: Nina Simone a “trailblazer”

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“I Wish I Could” (IWIC) is loosely based around the year my father was born in 1921. I took what I learned, seen and heard growing up.

I listened and watched strong women such as my grandmothers, Big Mama and Alice Keys, who both grew up in the south. One is from Texas the other from Louisiana.

As a quiet shy girl growing up my third grade teacher Mrs. Pickens left a lasting impression on me. She is also from the south. She taught me to be strong, smart and bold.

“Yeah” so I’m paying homage to trailblazers in my family lineage, also to those in the communities of Sacramento and South Central Los Angeles who made a difference in my life growing up.

IWIC be like you all and I did.





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