“Teenage Love”

Author: Linda L. Williams

“Teenage Love”chronicles moments of my experience around “Teenage love”.


“Teenage Love”chronicles moments of my experience around “Teenage love”,
which explores the diverse trials and triumphs typically associated with
becoming a mother during adolescence.

By having a son “by the age of seventeen
years, spoiled my dreams of playing basketball, softball, and going to a college
of my choice.”

As time passed I divided my time between raising my son and
navigating through my own “dreams” for the future.

In “Teenage Love” I recount
impressions of a move to Georgia and my mother’s passing.

“Teenage Love” is
designed to mark phases of my own journey as well as to enlighten and motivate
the reader who may be following a simular path.

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“A Taste for All Seasons”

Author: Linda L. Williams

Taste it

“A Taste for All Seasons” is for any genre, but it talks about a litany of
areas in one’s life through poetry. Like intimacy between a man and a women, to
poems about your faith, tough times, feeling all alone, the beauty of loving
life. The author has very meaningful poems for the teenage crowd to poems that
are controversial and will have the reader saying “Let me read this poem again,”
to saying “Did she say that?” All poems are thoughtful and come from the
author’s heart, and each and every poem should touch the reader in many
different ways.

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